Talk Less, Do More. Actions Speak for themselves.

Here’s an awesome post about moving from taking the talk to actually walking the walk!

Stay Healthy -- Think Positive

How can I say this politely without offending anyone, hmm? Talk less and do more. Sounds easy enough, but guess how many people say they will do something and talk a big game, but when the time comes, hey.. they are still talking about it and yet haven’t taken any action. 

We all like to talk about goals, talk about doing vacations and talk about losing weight, eating healthier, driving the speed limit, and what not, but as soon as the time comes where we need to take action, we don’t. We end up regretting it 30 days later and then end up starting where we were: talking a good game but still haven’t done shit about it. The majority of people who “talk” more are talking because they are hoping that someone will enable them to do it, give them a reason to do whatever it is they want…

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2 thoughts on “Talk Less, Do More. Actions Speak for themselves.

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    Pleasure to meet you and thank you for visiting my blog page and having a follow! I appreciate the support.

    When I first seen this post on your page, I had to do a double take because I thought maybe someone had made the same post as myself, but after realizing it was mine, thank you 😀 I am happy you enjoyed the post enough to reblog it on your own page! this makes me happy.

    I have read some of your other content, and will continue to look around, good pieces of writing!



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